Guidelines, procedures and resources for participants in the Career Mentor Link program.

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Guidelines and procedures

Ethical responsibility

At all times mentors and mentees must act in a responsible and ethical manner. The relationship is a professional one not a personal one, therefore both parties must respect commercial ethics and share information in confidence. The relationship must not be exploited nor either person be taken advantage of to their detriment.

If either mentor or mentee has any concerns with the mentoring relationship, contact the Career Mentor Link coordinator immediately.

Duty of care

Mentors have a responsibility to adhere to all relevant occupational health and safety requirements during mentee visits to their workplaces. This may include an induction to safe working practices. 

Privacy and confidentiality

Contact details and personal information will not be disclosed by the UWA Careers Centre unless by prior agreement. 

No-fault clause

The mentoring agreement contains a no-fault clause to enable either the mentor or mentee to end the relationship without any blame attached.

Insurance and remuneration

Students involved in Career Mentor Link are generally covered by the University's insurance for the purposes of unpaid work experience.

It must be reinforced that at no time can students receive any form of remuneration while undertaking this mentoring program. If they receive any allowances from the company/organisation, they would be deemed to be employees under workers compensation laws and would not be covered by the University's insurance programs.

Any questions relating to insurance cover should be directed to the Career Mentor Link coordinator.

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Updated 2 May 2013

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