We have identified some subjects to be followed up by mentors and mentees.

Explore and plan career options

  • Discuss the range of career options and pathways in chosen discipline.
  • Visit the mentor's workplace or discussion of different work environments in the industry.
  • Discuss the transition from university to work.
  • Discuss a list of future personal and professional goals.

Develop professional networks

  • Discuss skills needed to build relationships and network.
  • Attend a professional association meeting.
  • Compile a list of contacts the mentee could meet with in your field.
  • Arrange for mentee to meet a recent graduate to gain their perspective on entering the profession.
  • Meet with other individuals from the mentor's organistion or a broader network of professional colleagues.
  • Arrange an activity with another professional or organisational member.

Learn and practice the skills needed to access employment

  • Critique the mentee's resume, cover letters and selection criteria.
  • Give mentee a mock job interview and provide constructive feedback.
  • Discuss what employers look for in graduate job applicants.
  • Shadowing the mentor at work.
  • Observing workplace or professional meeting.
  • Participating in work activities.

Develop knowledge

  • Develop a reading list and discuss a few articles at a time, emphasising their practical application and relevance.
  • Discuss various management and leadership styles - what works and what does not.
  • Discuss problems emerging in professional or academic contexts and share views on their most effective resolution.