Career Mentor Link matches professionals with students, providing an opportunity for students to benefit from the industry knowledge and career experience of their mentors.


This one-on-one mentoring program aims to:

  • support students in developing skills to manage their career
  • provide students with an industry perspective to enhance their academic learning
  • prepare students for transition to the workplace
  • establish mutually beneficial relationships between industry, the University and its students
  • Students (mentees) are encouraged to seek advice and information about their career direction and employment goals while mentors share their industry skills and insights and take an active interest in the career development of the student.


    We are always seeking professionals to mentor, support, guide and encourage UWA students. Your role as a mentor is vital to program's success and the University would value your participation as one of more than 400 mentors a part of the annual program.

    The journey of a mentor

    Your journey as a mentor commences in March and April when we match you with a student based on their career interests and study to your own industry experience. Many of our matched mentors and mentees meet for the first time at the Career Mentor Link Launch Breakfast held in early May. During your first meeting we ask you to sign an agreement that sets out the goals and meeting or contact schedule for the duration of the mentoring relationship.

    Throughout the following six months until the program formally ends in October, there is opportunity to attend on campus workshops, panels and networking events.

    During the entire program fortnightly communication provides mentors with support and guidance as well as support by request.  

    The benefits of being a mentor 

     By participating in Career Mentor Link as a mentor you are likely to:

    • Gain personal satisfaction from knowing you’ve made a difference to someone else’s career development;
    • Enhance your “personal skills” such as leadership and communication;
    • Widen your professional networks;
    • Hear fresh perspectives from your mentee;
    • Increase your organisation’s profile at UWA.

    Overseas mentors or mentors outside of Perth

    Professionals who are based outside of Perth are still encouraged and welcomed to join the program as a mentor. Mentees within the program may sometimes be looking to work abroad, interstate or return home after their studies. These students and students who are genuinely interested in global matters are often seeking mentors outside of Perth for a different perspective.

    Our mentors currently reside across Australia, Asia, Europe and the US.

    Register to be a mentor or more information

    If you are interested in becoming a mentor you can register here.

    Mentor training (optional) and information sessions (optional) are generally scheduled during January and February. Mentor registrations are accepted year round however matches generally take place during March only.


    Being a mentee allows you to access 'real world' insights from an industry professional interested in your career.

    The mentoring relationship will focus on identifying your career goals and developing your job-seeking skills. They are not work experience or paid employment programs.


    By participating in either program you are likely to:

  • develop practical skills and confidence to enter your chosen profession
  • build personal and professional networks
  • increase your understanding of the industry and gain exposure to current professional practices and trends
  • link academic study to industry realities
  • broaden your knowledge of the career options open to you
  • learn what employers are looking for when they hire graduates
  • practice the skills needed to access employment.
  • What makes a good mentee?

  • Be open to new ideas, suggestions and feedback
  • Be willing to have a go and try out different things
  • Be committed to self development and achievement of career goals
  • Be able to give and receive constructive and honest feedback
  • Be skilled with good organisational and time management skills
  • Be willing to take the initiative, to communicate needs, desires and expectations.
  • At a minimum, mentors and mentees are expected to:

  • attend an introductory workshop (mandatory for mentees, optional for mentors) or read introductory material provided
  • attend the Launch event to meet each other (if both mentor and mentee are located in Perth).
  • maintain monthly contact by telephone, email, skype or face-to-face meetings. If both mentor and mentee are located in Perth then they should have at least two face-to-face meetings over the duration of the program.
  • attend the end of program event (if both mentor and mentee are located in Perth)
  • complete and submit a mid-program evaluation (mentees only)
  • complete and submit an end of program evaluation (mentees and mentors).
  • Mentee responsibilities:

  • complete the Mentoring Agreement in conjunction with the mentor
  • agree on a regular, mutually convenient contact schedule
  • advise mentor if unable to attend scheduled meetings
  • observe confidentiality and personal / professional boundaries
  • be receptive to feedback and suggestions from the mentor
  • explore own strengths and weaknesses and set relevant goals
  • fulfil commitments as agreed or negotiate changes
  • complete and submit program reports and evaluations by due dates
  • take up opportunities for networking and building professional relationships
  • contact the Career Mentor Link coordinator if any concerns arise.
  • 2022 Program Details & Applications

    Career Mentor Link program will be running from May to October 2022.

    Register to be a mentee

    Register to be a mentee here.

    To be eligible to take part in Career Mentor Link, undergraduates must have achieved at least 48 credit points of study (equivalent to one full-time year). Postgraduates students must be enrolled at UWA. The program is open to international and domestic students. Expressions of interest for mentees open March 1, 2022. The cost to participate as a mentee in the program is $20.

    Register to be a mentor or more information

    If you are interested in becoming a mentor you can register here.

    Mentor training (optional) and information sessions (optional) are generally scheduled during January and February. Mentor registrations are accepted year round however matches generally take place during March only.

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    The best thing about the program was being given the opportunity to meet a student in my field of experience, and listen to their aspirations.

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