Apply to be part of our Career Mentor Link or Women in Engineering programs to benefit from 'real world' insights from an industry professional interested in your career.

Career Mentor Link and Women in Engineering bring professionals and students together for approximately 6 months.

The mentoring relationship will focus on identifying your career goals and developing your job-seeking skills. They are not work experience or paid employment programs.


Career Mentor Link is available to any student (undergraduate or postgraduate) currently enrolled at UWA who has completed at least one year of undergraduate study. Ideally you should be enrolled for the full 2017 academic year.

Women in Engineering is available to any female student enrolled in the bachelor of Engineering (pre 2012 course) or the Master of Professional Engineering.


By participating in either program you are likely to:

  • develop practical skills and confidence to enter your chosen profession
  • build personal and professional networks
  • increase your understanding of the industry and gain exposure to current professional practices and trends
  • link academic study to industry realities
  • broaden your knowledge of the career options open to you
  • learn what employers are looking for when they hire graduates
  • practice the skills needed to access employment.
What makes a good mentee?
  • Be open to new ideas, suggestions and feedback
  • Be willing to have a go and try out different things
  • Be commited to self development and achievement of career goals
  • Be able to give and receive constructive and honest feedback
  • Be skilled with good organisational and time management skills
  • Be willing to take the initiative, to communicate needs, desires and expectations.

Expected time commitment

Both programs runs from April to October each year. The amount of time involved is not onerous and usually involves monthly contact - either face-to-face contact and/or email and phone contact.

At a minimum, mentors and mentees are expected to:

  • attend an introductory workshop (mandatory for mentees, optional for mentors) or read introductory material provided
  • attend the Launch event to meet each other (if both mentor and mentee are located in Perth)
  • maintain monthly contact by telephone, email, skype or face-to-face meetings. If both mentor and mentee are located in Perth then they should have at least two face-to-face meetings over the duration of the program
  • attend the end of program event (if both mentor and mentee are located in Perth)
  • complete and submit a mid-program evaluation (mentees only)
  • complete and submit an end of program evaluation (mentees and mentors).

Mentee responsibilities

The student mentee must:
  • complete the Mentoring Agreement in conjunction with the mentor
  • agree on a regular, mutually convenient contact schedule
  • advise mentor if unable to attend scheduled meetings
  • observe confidentiality and personal / professional boundaries
  • be receptive to feedback and suggestions from the mentor
  • explore own strengths and weaknesses and set relevant goals
  • fulfil commitments as agreed or negotiate changes
  • complete and submit program reports and evaluations by due dates
  • take up opportunities for networking and building professional relationships
  • contact the Career Mentor Link coordinator if any concerns arise. 

Registration process

Expressions of interest have now closed. Some student's expressions of interest are pending as we add more mentors to the system however a majority of students who have expressed interest have been approved for 2017.

Further information

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