Why is the Australian Graduate Survey (AGS) conducted? 

UWA is one of over 45 Australian higher education institutions that conducts the AGS to gather information that will help us

  • learn more about students' course experiences so that improvements to teaching and learning practices can be made
  • understand graduate employment outcomes so that career advisers can better assist students make informed career and study decisions
  • identify the further study needs of students
  • assist employers develop graduate recruitment and development programs.

Are survey responses confidential?

Yes, all responses are confidential. UWA abides by strict Privacy legislation and the data collected from the AGS is aggregated into grouped responses so that no individual can be identified.

What happens if students do not complete the AGS?

UWA wants to hear about all students' course experiences and outcomes, positive and negative. The higher the number of survey responses, the more comprehensive a picture the University will have of these experiences and outcomes. As well as an initial invitation to complete the AGS, students will also receive a number of reminders in both hard copy and electronic form. Requests to be removed from all contact and follow-up mailing lists can be made at any time.

Does the AGS apply to Honours and double degree students?

Yes, we are interested in learning more about students who have recently completed the course requirements for a UWA degree or diploma, even those continuing

  • as Honours students
  • with the second degree of a double degree program
  • with a linked course of study (e.g. progressing from a Graduate Diploma to Masters degree)

Are results of previous surveys available?

Yes, UWA produces a summary of findings from each Survey. More detailed information is also available about the following graduate destinations information from the last 5 years' surveys of our graduates

  • employment rates, salaries, industry sectors and further study details for particular UWA courses
  • details of which UWA courses and majors lead to particular occupations

Graduate Careers Australia publishes the national results of previous surveys.

When does the AGS occur and who conducts it at UWA?

Students who have completed the course requirements for a UWA degree or diploma will be contacted 

  • at the end of October if they completed a course of study in Semester 1 of that year
  • at the end of April if they completed a course of study in Semester 2 the previous year

The Careers Centre and Planning Services work together to conduct the AGS each year. The AGS is designed and coordinated by Graduate Careers Australia.